Brake Rotor Straightening And Reconditioning


We have successfully straightened rotors and carriers which have been bent as far as 8mm.

Provided the outer rotor is not dished due to extensive wear or over heating and does not have a crease at the point of impact it can probably be straightened to a tolerance of 0.2mm for as little as $60.00 to $100.00.


If your brake rotors have too much back and forth play the rivets or carriers or possibly both are worn beyond the maximum tolerance. We can machine new rivets which we then get hard anodised at a cost of $16.00 each + fitting .

If you have aluminium carriers such as Brembo F1 or Superlight carriers generally the rivets (buttons) will be OK as they have been hard anodised from the factory however the aluminium carriers are not and they wear.

We can rebuild them at a cost of $225.00 inc GST per carrier. We can also make SG cast iron fixed outers or solid rotors from $200 for blanks up to $350 for finished items.